The love for perfect detail, the care of the finishes and the skilful combination of materials make De Zotti furniture a product which transmits personality, warmth and elegance. Our factory creates unique pieces for those wishing to own beautiful and durable pieces that defy time, whilst using quality materials like, vinyl glue with a low formaldehyde content and ecological water varnishes.

Bathroom Furniture and Custom Furniture

The shapes and motifs of De Zotti’s bathroom collection provide craftsmanship that is recognizable at first glance for those that have had the pleasure of seeing and touching the furniture and accessories of De Zotti.

We produce in our workshops in Ceggia (Venice) prestigious collections, both classical and modern. Thoughtful design and a constant quest for quality and aesthetics is our characteristic.

Customers can visit our factory during the various production stages, admire the craftsmanship of the carpenter whilst working on furniture and floors in wood, valued all over the world.

De Zotti Tradition


The wood and craftsmanship make De Zotti collection unique in its genre. The brush painting gives to the product authenticity and preciousness. De Zotti labels each piece of furniture with his name and gives it a guarantee certificate valid for 5 years.

The quality and value of De Zotti wood furniture begins the moment when choosing the raw materials: wood selected amongst the best national and foreign types of wood, available on the international market.

All De Zotti collections are studied, planned and carried out to provide a welcoming, warm and friendly atmosphere in their surroundings. In choosing a De Zotti bathroom cabinet, one awakens the senses of sight, touch and heart.
The use of ecological water varnish is a further guarantee of product quality in addition to the constant attention to environmental conditions.
Entering the De Zotti World means discovering with pleasure a business with the human touch, today as yesterday, promoting the synthesis between quality and beauty.