Laying Wood Floor De Zotti

De Zotti flooring is a product that can be either laid floating or glued.

The floating method gives the floor a soft and mellow sensation on touch. The floating method is generally used for large planks. In this case, when laying, a thin layer of noise insulation material is used, to which the parquet is fitted and glued using a vinyl glue. This system can be used to pre-existing floors.

The method most used for the laying of wooden flooring is the glued method, especially indicated for those with underground heating. In this case the product is glued to a base made from sand and cement. The base must be perfectly flat, smooth and dry and mustn’t in any way shows signs of moisture as this would damage the parquet.

For the installation of the floor, the buyer must apply to a company specializing in laying flooring, which will provide the guarantees provided by current legislation in force (UNI 11265:2007).