Technical Features

The De Zotti Design floor is made of pre-painted flooring in three layers using solid wood laminate.

The upper layer has a depth of 4/4.5mm similar to the lower layer (for counterbalancing) while the central part has a depth of 6-7mm.

Gluing is carried out with the use of D4 class single-component vinyl water-based glue while varnishing is done using products classed as safe for use and with a high degree of surface hardness as required by law.

The entire production cycle takes place within our workshops in the following sequence:

  • checking of laminate flooring layers in part  cut to size and in part purchased pre-sized;
  • choosing and division of items on the basis of type and size;
  • gluing;
  • gauging and brushing;
  • profiling;
  • varnish cycle;
  • packing and shipping.

Only by following this strict production process can we guarantee a product able to satisfy our high quality standards and guarantee that is worthy of being Made in Italy

Any slight blemishes present in our flooring are due to natural tones in the raw material and to brush marks from the colours applied entirely by hand. These guarantee our product to be natural and crafted by hand.