Technical Information

Technical Information

Flooring is supplied strictly in solid wood formed of three layers. This means that usual care is required in terms of storage and installation, and in the specific care and maintenance of this kind of flooring.


The product awaiting installation is kept in dry environments set aside for this purpose, with temperature kept between 10° and 25° centigrade and humidity levels between 45% and 60%. It must be kept in the original packing and handled with care to avoid damage to corners and tongues.


This must be carried out by professional staff well acquainted with wooden flooring so as to take nothing away from the effect of the finished product.

Before installation, the degree of humidity of the floor screed must be measured and this must not be more than 2%. The screed must also be absolutely level and its surface perfectly clean.

This type of flooring is ideal both for floating and glued-down installation except where there will be an under-floor heating system in which case we strictly advise only glued-down.

In the case of under-floor heating, the system must be run on full power for at least two weeks and turned off a week before the floor installation work begins.

Care and Maintenance

In order to guarantee stability and avoid splitting between the planks it is advised to keep ambient temperature between 10° and 25° and humidity levels between 45% and 60%. Be careful of leaks and/or stagnant water because this could damage the floor irreparably.

Cleaning the floor is carried out with a cloth and neutral detergents containing no alcohol, ammonia or other aggressive additives. For special maintenance use oil- or wax-based products specific to wood. These may be purchased directly from our company.

These conditions absolve the supplier company from any liability of any abnormalities due to an incorrect installation that might affect and compromise the features, the stability and the duration of the product.