The wood, care and maintenance

The Wood


All of our woods are selected from the best national and foreign species, chosen on internal markets and Eastern countries too. We use birch, beech and alder with which we create objects of immutable value. Each piece is hand produced in our factory, taking into consideration the grain and knots, enhancing the beauty of the composition.

Care and Maintenance

De Zotti offers a complete line of care and maintenance solutions for its products, that maintain intact, in time, the warmth and the value of your furniture or your chosen floor.

Each piece of furniture De Zotti is equipped with a jute bag containing a wax pot (walnut or neutral colour) and a retouching pencil, for the maintenance of wood so that it remains warm and bright.

For new finishes, De Zotti proposes a bottle of retouch prepared to the same shade of water varnish used for furniture.

Regarding the natural surfaces, we offer for purchase, a special KIT, for cleaning and polishing the marble tops. For those technical, or in quartz, the kits are equipped with a small bottle of special solution to revive the surface.