Wooden Floors

Telling of our products through projects that have actually been carried out is,

in our opinion, the best way to convey the excitement of a wooden floor.


Leaf through our projects and immerse yourself in the world of De Zotti.

A highlighted project
Scala sospesa in legno marrone rovere

Heat-Treated Oak with black filling

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Flooring in Natural Dry Oak

Bitter Oak Hardwood Flooring

Flooring in Heat-Treated Oak

Flooring in Distressed Black and White Oak

Bleached Wood Floors

Flooring in Briccola Wood

Flooring Heat-Treated Olive Ash

Flooring Shabby Natural White Oak

Flooring in Acid-Treated Oak

Flooring in Natural Dry Rustic Oak

Wood Flooring in Natural Roughest Oak

Wooden Floors in Honey Elm

Wood Flooring in Natural Oak

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